Friday, July 19, 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019

BRFAL Photo Contest

The BRFAL photo contest has been judged and the winning photos are....

1. VMN's in action, "Into the creek to save our streams" - Jennifer Helms
2.  VA native landscapes, "The Lakescape" - Rich Brager
3.  VA native plant & fungi, "Turkey Tails" - Peter Brinckerhoff
4.  VA native wildlife, "Waiting in the Wings" - Meg Brager
5.  VA native macro & night photography, "Who's hiding in there?" - Rich Brager

These pix will be submitted to the Statewide Conference photo contest.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Find it, snap it!

First of 3 mornings of ECO Camp nature training for kids at Booker T.  Meg and I conducted a nature scavenger hunt and photo shoot which we called "find it, snap it".  The kids were tasked with finding a number of animals and plant life and then take a picture of it.  They are to email me their 3 best pics and I will pick my favorites and put them on a poster board for them all to enjoy.  Fun was had by all as you can see.

There was also a very successful presentation about birds.  Unfortunately, I missed it because of the scavenger hunt.  Maybe someone else can post a little about that.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Bluebird Monitoring at BTWNM Continues!

Back in March there was a post about the Bluebird Monitoring Project at BTWNM.  Our resident bluebird expert, Dick Hendrix provided bluebird box monitoring training for newbies as well as a refresher for oldies.  Well, as a very oldie, today was my turn to monitor each of the 16 boxes at BTWNM.

Last week's monitoring revealed at total of 20 fledglings in 4 boxes, no eggs and12 empty boxes.  This week's inspection revealed 10 fledglings in 2 boxes, meaning 10 more bluebirds have taken to wing, hopefully safely. Inspections will continue through August.  Wish our feathered friends well!

Empty Box

Full Box

Official BB Box Inspector, LOL