Sunday, May 8, 2011

Citizen science: Armies of volunteers aid research

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (AP) - Environmental scientist Chris Bowser pulled a tiny shrimp-like creature from the muck in an eel trap as teenagers in chest waders surrounded him in the rushing Fall Kill, where they were collecting transparent baby eels.
"This is called a scud, or amphipod," Bowser said, launching into a riff on the food chain and pollution.
"My goal is to get as many people as possible involved in citizen science projects," said Cavalier.
As citizen science has become more sophisticated, the scientific community has embraced it, Dickinson said.
Read the entire article with photos and other information here
BRFAL Chapter member does "Water Testing" to find out the health of a stream
If you are interested in becoming a "Citizen Scientist" check some of the links on this blog.  BRFAL Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist are training Citizen Scientists here in this part of Virginia! Learn more about this program click here.

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