Sunday, July 17, 2011

Virginia Has Been Invaded Again!

Don’t be fooled by the names: Garlic mustard and tree of heaven are among many alien plant species that threaten Virginia’s natural heritage. PAULA STEERS BROWN tells us what to look for and how to fight the invaders.

Alliaria petiolata GARLIC MUSTARDphoto © 2006 Frank Mayfield | more info (via: Wylio)

The environmental alchemy that wows tourists every fall, with spectacular leaf color in the Blue Ridge Mountains, also produces gorgeous bloom displays in the spring and summer for all to enjoy. Our state treasure is, however, being threatened from east to west by invasive plant species. A favorite native beauty, for instance—Virginia bluebells—is slowly being displaced throughout the state’s floodplains and river bottoms by garlic mustard, an extremely destructive non-native transplant that will completely overtake these areas unless concerned citizens respond.

Read this entire article from Virginia Living Magazine here.

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