Friday, July 8, 2011

VMN in the news at Sky Meadows State Park

From the Virginia State Parks Blog

Virginia Master Naturalists Adopt Bluebird Trail at Sky Meadows State Park
The Shenandoah Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists has created a new bluebird trail at Sky Meadows State Park. It consists of 69 bluebird nest boxes divided into 5 trail sections consisting of 12 to 20 boxes for each section.
Virginia State Parks - Sky Meadows State Park
Bluebirds at Sky Meadows State Park
In the summer of 2010, Timothy Skinner, Park Manager at Sky Meadows, requested that our chapter rejuvenate the existing trail. Through extensive research and planning, advice from other trail managers and previous experience, our chapter devised a plan that evolved to the present new trail, taking into consideration the parameters of the State Park, the Virginia Bluebird Society(VBS) and Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
In several workshop sessions, VMN volunteers constructed 40 new bluebird boxes (plus 9 donated boxes), Noel guards and snake guards funded by the state park based on VBS plans. After the project started, a scout leader approached us for consideration of a project by a scout to earn his Eagle badge. The scout, Anthony Fala, proposed to build and install an additional 20 nest boxes. The park agreed to extend the area for installing nest boxes in a new location. Anthony applied for and received funding from VBS for the 20 nest boxes.

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Congratulations Shenandoah Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists for your hard work and dedication!

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