Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can you name this flower in two petals or less?

Charlotte who is one of our BRFAL Chapter Members found an interesting discovery in her own backyard!
Can you identify this wildflower? Charlotte could!
Thanks to a lack of mowing and to VMN training, I have discovered a new wildflower in my Callaway area back yard. 

At first I tried to “picture book” the identity of the charming little spike, flipping through pages of photos in my wildflower guides. 

Then, I heard Dr. Bob’s voice in my ear telling me to, "Look it up! Use the key!" Sure enough, when I resorted to the Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide dichotomous key, I located Little Ladies' Tresses (Spiranthes tuberosa Raf.) belonging to the orchid family. What a treasure! Now I don’t have to settle for just wondering about the new and interesting things I encounter outdoors.

Click here to learn more about the Little Ladies' Tresses, and here for close up photos of these gorgeous little wildflowers!

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