Friday, September 23, 2011

25+ Nature and Wildlife Mobile Apps

Do you have a smart phone and want to use it to explore nature? The saying, “there’s an app for that,” rings true in this case. I’ve tested out a number of smart phone applications, and I must say they really can help you find nature, identify, share and enjoy the wildlife you’ve seen.

This is a sister post to “Fantastic Wildlife and Nature iPhone Apps,” and, while you’ll notice a few repeats, I decided to extend the mentions to a few new ones! I’ve linked mostly to the iPhone applications, but most of them have an Android counterpart.
Read this article with links and information on Nature and Wildlife Apps from Wildlife Promise here.

Mobile Apps to Help You Find Parks and Trails

Sometimes, in order to see wildlife and feel close to nature, you have to find it, so that’s what these applications help you do.  
Examples: NatureFind
Price: Free
Find the closest parks, forests and nature centers with this application. It also will tell you local events that the places are hosting. This application is incredibly useful regardless if you’re in a city or surrounded by suburban houses.

Wildlife Sightings and Citizen Science

Price: Free
BRFAL Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalist wants you to get outside, explore and learn something new today. Get involved in something cool, learn more about the Virginia Master Naturalist program here! 

When it comes to wildlife observations, there are several useful apps and WildObs is one of my favorites. It makes it very easy for you to report your sightings and identify species, and your observations show up on National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Watch website. It’s one of the only apps that allows you to report sightings without having a photo and it also tags your location if you so desire.

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