Friday, September 16, 2011

The most beautiful bird in North America is here in the SE

I read the article shared by NWF "Environmental Graffiti" magazine 7 Most Beautiful Birds on Earth. I was pleased to see I have met a few of them, living down under such as the Rainbow Lorikeet, and now living in the SE in the USA I know the Painted Bunting (binomial name is Passerina ciris)
The article speaks of the Painted Bunting as the most beautiful and spectacular bird in North America. That is quite an honor. Tony Leather writes:

               "Small can be every bit as attractive as large, and a brilliant example of this is the male Painted Bunting, often described as the most beautiful bird in North America. With body colors from dark blue, green, red and shades between, it is still difficult to spot as it hides even when singing. The Painted Bunting is found in thickets, woodland edges and brushy areas, along roadsides, in suburban areas, and gardens all over the USA, a truly beautiful little living rainbow that will gladden your heart."

Learn more about The Painted Bunting by visiting the Cornell Lab of Ornithology here, and also here in wiki and Audubon here.

With bright blue, green, and red plumage, the breeding male Painted Bunting is one of the continent's most gaudily colorful birds. The species breeds in two different populations, one in the south-central United States, and one along the seaboard of the southeastern states.

Conservation: Breeding Bird Survey data show a steady decline in overall population since 1965. Males are targets of trappers for the cage-bird trade, especially in Mexico. Listed as a species of special concern on the Partners in Flight WatchList.

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