Monday, September 5, 2011

What is that thing?

I found two of these things! The first was stuck by our side door. I didn't think much of it. I thought it was something that blew off a tree and just got stuck by the door. I threw it off the deck. But when I saw the second one hanging from our garden hose hanger I said "hummmf, this must have be something put here by a creature!"

But what creature? With a little research assistance from my wife Meg, we determined that this was most likely a "bag" from the bagworm moth. The "bags" are constructed from silk and natural materials such as sand, soil, lichen and plant materials. The one in our yard looks like they copied the design from a native hut. Shellie thought it looked like a hula skirt.

Some species of bagworms are considered pests causing significant damage to certain plants. If you would like to do some more research, we looked at the following sites:

University of Nebraska:
If you think this was built by something other than a bagworm moth, please let us know. We are anxious to learn. Thanks.

Rich Brager

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  1. Fascinating....don't think i need to google any further!!! BTW....we were outside all day...saw our eagle, some herons, our chipmunk, HOARDS of hummingbirds and some squirrels building a new nest...I think they were getting ready for this tropical storm!!!k and J xoxo


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