Monday, October 3, 2011

Virginia is for... volcanoes?

Virginia is known for many things, from its beaches to its mountains, its farms and universities.
But volcanoes?
True enough, Virginia has a quirky if still unexplained history with volcanic activity, one of the few East Coast states that can make that claim.
Mole Hill is surrounded by farms, many owned by Mennonite families, on the outskirts of Harrisonburg. The summit, about 1,900 feet above sea level, is covered by thick scrub and forest. (Jane Harper | Special to The Virginian-Pilot)
BRFAL Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalist wants you to get outside, explore and learn something new today. 
If you are interested in the Virginia Master Naturalist program and want to learn more about it, or when the next training will be held, click here. BRFAL Chapter will be holding the next basic training course beginning in March 2012 in downtown Rocky Mount at The Franklin Center.

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