Saturday, January 21, 2012

Southwest Virginia: One of the Last Great Places on Earth

Far Southwest Virginia has some of the most amazing ecological and biological diversity.
Natural Tunnel with 4501 Steam Engine
Natural Tunnel State Park (Photo courtesy of Virginia State Parks)
Richard Kretz, photographer and volunteer extraordinaire put together this awesome video on the wonders of southwest Virginia, providing an overview of the ecological and biological diversity of this beautiful part of the state.

If you have never been to this part of Virginia, may I suggest a visit soon. Click here to view a map of the state parks and here for the natural area preserves available to you from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. DCR is one of the sponsors of the Virginia Master Naturalist Program. Bring your camera!

  • Breaks Interstate (BR)
  • Natural Tunnel (NT)
  • Wilderness Road (WR)
  • Southwest Virginia Museum Historical (SW)

Turn your speakers up to hear the narration along with the photos. Invite your children to listen in and watch this video, it is extremely interesting. I hope you can get out and explore this region of the Commonwealth soon, don't forget your field guides!

Virginia is a stunner!

If rivers, ecology, biology, and wildlife interest you, you can learn more about the Virginia Master Naturalist Program here.
The next BRFAL Chapter Basic Training for Aspiring Virginia Master Naturalists is coming up in March 2012 at The Franklin Center in Downtown Rocky Mount VA! You can get the Draft Schedule of Classes and View the Itinerary here, and get the Information Letter and Application here.  If you have any questions about this upcoming basic training please send an email to:

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