Friday, April 20, 2012

Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge Parkway Presentation

Mr. Butch Kelly giving Wildflower Presentation
We were very fortunate to have Mr. Butch Kelly as our guest speaker for our April 2012 BRFAL meeting .  After working for the Roanoke County school system for 35 years as a teacher and as the school system energy manager, Butch spent 13 seasons as a National Park System ranger on the Blue Ridge Parkway and was the President of the New River Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists for 4 years.

 Butch’s knowledge of the Parkway wildflowers and ecosystem interdependence was quite evident.  He knew what mileage markers certain species resided at, approximate time of the season that the certain wildflowers would bloom, which species might be edible (or poisonous), how the flowers propagated through the Parkway and many other interesting facts.  His slide show was impressive.

If you want to know much more about wildflowers, please visit the Blue Ridge Wildflower Society website at:  In addition to more wildflower information, you will find the schedule of upcoming events for the BRWS including the May 21st 2012 presentation on Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachia by Dr. Timothy Spira from Clemson University which will occur from 7:30-9pm at the Massengill Auditorium at Roanoke College.  There is no charge.

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