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More and more, Virginia farmers are feeding world

Part of the Virginia Master Naturalist training here at the Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes Chapter deals with agriculture. After all agriculture is part of the Virginia landscape, we have mountains, piedmont, coastal plain...
This was an interesting article in the Virginia "More and more, Virginia farmers are feeding world"
Bowman Dairy Farm in Franklin County VA
Feed at the Dairy
A plow etches the dark soil of the Tidewater – an age-old act that ripples around the world.
Four hundred years after tobacco sprouted at Jamestown and bailed out the foundering colony, agriculture remains the backbone of Virginia. Few industries can touch its economic impact – a $55 billion engine stoking 350,000 jobs – or its far-flung reach.
Soybeans to Morocco and China.
Wheat to Egypt and Brazil.
Corn to Ireland and Venezuela.
Cotton to Turkey and Vietnam.
Last year, nearly $2.4 billion worth of homegrown products was exported around the globe – a record for Virginia agribusiness and proof that, despite urban sprawl and warp-speed lives, farming is far from the rest of this article with photos here.


Last year, nearly $2.4 billion worth of homegrown products was exported.


Norfolk and Portsmouth don’t have enough farmland to register on the national agricultural census, but these localities do. Below, acreage:
Virginia Beach: 26,671
Chesapeake: 51,124
Northampton County (Eastern Shore): 63,760
Suffolk: 71,393
Source: U.S. agricultural census, 2007

*Disclaimer -- no political commentary is intended by sharing this article about Virginia Farms.

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