Monday, October 8, 2012

That is a long cobweb!

Rich Brager BRFAL Chapter Virginia Master Naturalist shares: 
So I walked out the kitchen door the other day on a foggy morning and what did I see?  The longest and dewiest (if that is a word) cobweb I ever saw.  It stretched from our roof gutter clear down 3 stories to the fender of our Kawasaki Mule.  I looked closely at the terminus at the Mule and I thought I spotted the culprit.  

I walked down to the Mule and sure enough the spider was hanging upside down on the fender.  She was sporting a huge egg sack.  I took her picture in situ, but then I chased her down in the grass to try to get a better picture.  I tried to get a picture of the long cobweb too, but the best I could do was about half of it.  If you look closely you can see it. 

Then I went in and got out my trusty spider guide. I wasn't able to identify the species. 
Can you help?

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