Sunday, February 17, 2013

Everyday Nature: How I Came To Love House Centipedes

I must share this with you. As a Virginia Master Naturalist, I really do enjoy millipedes and centipedes, they are really cool! Look closely at them and they are a work of art. 
I took this photo of a millipede in the woods of Virginia
But I will confess here and now, that I am NOT a fan of the house centipede! Their erratic behavior makes me run fast and scream like a little girl!
I get the creeps just looking at this photo
So for that, here is a story of a "nematode lover."

The story of how one man came to love house centipedes 

I’ve been called a lot of strange things in my life, but I never thought I could be called a nematode-lover.

I certainly never envisioned a day when my wife would start referring to house centipedes – those terrifying huge invertebrates that seem to have a million legs and run at top speed – as our “honored guests.”

We’re definitely not “bug people,” so what turned us around?
Read on for the rest of the story here. Will this change the way you look at these 'creatures'?

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