Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Fixing" the leaking lake

Mountain Lake resort launches renaissance
The aim is to attract new visitors by reclaiming the site's 1930s' heritage.
Photo by R Cobb (click here for more)

"PEMBROKE VA — A comprehensive, multimillion-dollar overhaul of Mountain Lake Hotel and Resort, including "fixing" the leaking lake that has been nearly empty since 2008, is under way."

Quote from The Roanoke Times in this article. During our Virginia Master Naturalist Training I recall discussing this specific lake, and why it was lowering.

  • Here is a previous article "Running dry: Mountain Lake is doing its cyclical disappearing act".

Is the sandstone beneath the lake the culprit? Read more here.

What are your thoughts on this?

*The Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists encompasses Philpott and Smith Mountain Lake in our area, not Mountain Lake, which is on the West side of I-81.

Don't miss the valuable links in this article. This is what Master Naturalists love - exploring and learning more about what is outside, and why! Geology is important, as you can see from the photos and info in this article.

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