Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bigfoot caught on eMammal photos!

If you will remember my last eMammal blog where I told you about our training by the Smithsonian team for us to learn how to set-up and place our field cameras so that we could get some candid wildlife pictures in the field.  BRFAL has 6 teams out placing 3 field cameras each in Carvin’s Cove or George Washington National Forrest.

So my teammate, Dick LeRoy and I have completed our initial placement and also our second placement.  We also recovered the memory cards from the initial placement and have successfully uploaded our pictures to the eMammal website.

So now for the exciting part…….what did we capture?  Well the majority of the pictures were hikers, bikers and horseback riders on the trail. Unfortunately we are not allowed to show you those pix.

But…..drum roll please, we did capture some real live animals, as you can see below:
deer in the day time caught on eMammal
deer at night
okay so it looked like bigfoot from a distance...bear in the woods
In addition to the deer and bear, we also got some pix of grey squirrels and a crow. So far this has proven to be a fun Citizen Science project. We will keep you posted on our progress.  No bigfoot. 

Rich Brager

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