Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Osprey Watch is a Citizen Science Project

Barbara Slatcher with the Riverine VMN chapter, is recruiting volunteers across the state to help with a citizen science project that contributes to global monitoring of osprey. The project is directly supported by the Center for Conservation Biology in Virginia. 

It's a Citizen Science project to contribute to global monitoring of osprey and support the Center for Conservation Biology in Virginia. The website,

, will collect population data and nesting information from individuals around the world to establish the first global benchmark of osprey populations and nests. This data will enable scientists to track osprey population and trends over time. A dedicated group page has been developed for Virginia Master Naturalists,

Individuals will log in to

 , a data entry portal to register nests, which will be mapped through a Google map interface. They will enter specific nest information such as nest substrate, nesting activity such as egg laying and hatch dates and fledging. VMN have a dedicated group page to provide an overview of the group’s data collected. Join the group here:
. If you are already monitoring specific nests you can add them to the group . There are opportunities through the website and facebook to share photos and discuss nests with other citizen scientists, ultimately increasing awareness and creating a global educational opportunity, in addition to providing scientists with a large trended database.

If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Slatcher at

Installation of the ospreycam at Smith Mountain Lake State Park (this has been operational all Spring, with eggs and hatchlings, this may be a good one to watch and report on - Shellie)

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