Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Girl Scout Troop 98 had a rainy campout during the final weekend in July!  

The Troop experienced the first weekend of camping in the newly refurbished Group Campsites at the Philpott Lake Visitors’ Center in Bassett.  Rain did not deter the Scouts from completing many outdoor activities as they donned there raingear or remained under the shelter for their activities in the great outdoors.

Master Naturalist, Connie, led the Troop Members in learning about insects with a short talk on insect body parts, types of insects, where insects live, diversity of insect habitats and niches, comparison of insects to other arthropods, and a hike in the rain to find insects and arthropods.  During the camping trip the Scouts also did reports on a particular insect like bees, butterflies, or beetles, read references, completed an insect poster, made a nature shadow box, and did a bee hive art craft.  Other activities on the camping trip centered around healthy snacks while camping, preparing nutritious camping meals, camp cleanup duties, and practicing some of what they have learned about pet care in some of their earlier troop activities and programs.

Learn more about the Virginia Master Naturalist program here.

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