Thursday, October 31, 2013

ORANGE is the New Black!

Hunting Season is Underway
Whether you are a hunter or not, it’s a good time to remind everyone that hunting season is officially underway in Virginia.
(I am sharing this simple photo from a Franklin Countian as a reminder - although it is the Fall hunt now)
It’s a good idea to break out your most brightly-colored clothing when you hit the trails all fall so that you can see other users around you. It’s a good idea for everyone – even non-hunters – to break don orange vests when you head out for a hike, trail run, bike ride, or camping adventure. And remember to put a vest on your dog, too.

Hunting is prohibited on Sundays in Virginia, but target practicing is not, so best to be careful and err of the side of caution if you are out and about in the woods.

Visit the  Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for an official listing of hunting seasons, regulations, and standards. This list only covers the more popular hunting seasons.

Err on the safe side and assume it is hunting season between Oct. 1 and Jan. 30.
Deer firearms: Nov. 16-Jan. 4 (exact dates vary by city/county)
Deer archery: Oct. 5-Nov. 15 (statewide), and Dec. 16-Jan. 4 in limited locations
Deer muzzleloader: Nov. 2-Nov. 15 and Dec. 14-Jan. 4 in limited locations
Turkey firearms: Oct. 26-Nov. 8, Nov. 28, Dec. 2-28, and Jan. 11-25

Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve West Loop Trail is closed to a managed hunt at the moment. (Trail map here)

Thank you to RoanokeOutside for this reminder.

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