Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Master Naturalists by the Dozen


The 2013 crop of local Master Naturalists recently completed their Basic Training Course which started back on Sept 3rd!  
BRFAL Basic Training Graduates.  Front row L-R: Glenn Siemon, Francis Wieloch, Marlene Groth, Becky Stormer, Anneliese Piatt.  Back row L-R: Doug Horne, Steve Johnston, Lyne Aigner III, Lyne Aigner Jr., Bill Piatt, Bob Mohror, Rick Watson.
They've been exposed to Virginia geology, local plants, mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles & birds as well as stream & lake ecology.  They visited farms and forests, learned about local weather and also were instructed in education techniques and safety procedures.

After their last class, the group was feted by the Blue Ridge Foothills And Lakes (BRFAL) Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist Program (VMNP) at a potluck dinner for members and family held at the Rocky Mount Depot and Hospitality Center.  The students were introduced to the cadre of their already certified BRFAL associates.

These new volunteers are set to provide their time on projects related to conserving and managing local natural resources.  Some of them have already started by contributing to ongoing projects like stream monitoring, wildlife mapping and creating a seated overlook in Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve.  Additional projects are anticipated from this eager bunch.

After certificates were presented to each new member, we sat down to a rather scrumptious pot luck dinner.  Counting BRFAL members and families we had over 40 in attendance.  We are really looking forward to working with our new members.    
Chapter President Dick LeRoy center with Kathy Scott (R) and Connie Hilton (L) of the Training Committee announce the successful graduates one by one. Dick shared a little bit about each graduate.
Enjoying fun, food and fellowship!

Information about BRFAL can be found on this blog, or by visiting the state-wide program at Follow us on Facebook here.

Thank you to all those who participated in the training, from the presenters to the organizers. Your time and effort is very valuable, and we appreciate all you do for the BRFAL Chapter.

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