Friday, November 15, 2013

A loblolly Tree Farm and Quail Restoration in Hardy, Va

The BRFAL Chapter Basic Training Class had a recent field trip to Montmorenci Tree Farm, owned by Tom and Sallie Newbill in Hardy Virginia.
Their property is unique in the fact that in an era of large farms being sold into smaller parcels, and fragmentation being an ecological issue, the Newbills have done the opposite. The Newbills have acquired various different tracts of land and combined them into what is now a very well forest-managed property. The class learned about how and when  his loblolly trees are harvested, and for what uses; Tom’s implementation of a Stream Management Zone (SMZ);  his recent clear cut of 93 acres, which he plans on regenerating naturally, and also his active participation in a Federal Quail Restoration Program

Learn more about the Bobwhite Quail in Virginia and various programs here.

Jennifer Gagnon (VDOF), Virginia Forest Landowners Education Program Coordinator was on hand to guide us through and explain in detail the intricacies of good forest management practices.

Click here for a list of all Virginia Master Naturalist Chapters. Click here to learn more about the program statewide.

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