Saturday, November 23, 2013

Grassy Hill Update

As many of you know, the BRFAL team built 2 benches and a signpost on the east loop of *Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve in Rocky Mount.  

We also cleared brush and saplings.  Since us volunteers were not allowed to use power tools in the NAP (read chain saws) we were unable to do the "heavy lifting" and fall the big trees.  That was left up to the DCR folks under Ryan Klopf's guidance.

Well my wife Meg and I decided to take a hike up to the site today to see how they did.  Needless to say, they "dun good" as you can see in the picture below.  Now we are waiting for the completed sign to hang on our signpost and our project will be considered complete.
Rich Brager

*Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve is located in the Town of Rocky Mount, Virginia. It has 6.6 miles of hiking trails, and views of the Blue Ridge Foothills and the Town of Rocky Mount/Franklin County. Learn more about it here.

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