Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Header for the BRFAL Blog

What are the photos on the new BRFAL BLOG header?
We didn't include this one
1) Building a new bench on Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve, 2) Forest and Fields training field trip with field guides for ID, 3) SML Town Hall Meeting Buffer Landscaping Display, 4) Eastern Spotted Newt (juvenile salamander) at Booker T Washington Nat Monument, 5) Old Man of the Woods Mushroom, 6) Water quality training at the Pigg River Franklin County, 7) Karst and Caves Training at Museum of Natural History, 8) Dendrology Field Trip & Training, 9) Daisy Troop water quality monitoring 

Feel free to share your photos with us from BRFAL Projects and Events! 

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