Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Lady Slipper and The Prince

Photo by Charlotte H. Click image for larger view!
Charlotte Shares:

Yes, I went on THE wildflower hike, the He**uva Hike as it were. I saw native plants I have never seen before, and possibly some that were once-in-a-lifetime viewings. 

But I never did see a Lady's Slipper in the DeHart Botanical Garden in Patrick County. I saw that coveted spring treat in my own backyard! This photo is of one of 4 blooms I discovered on the next Sunday afternoon's stroll. 

I made an attempt to identify the bright green visitor attached, but was soon overwhelmed by the number and complexity of identification details for this creature. 

Can any of my BRFAL friends or naturalists help me out?

This photo was shared on the Virginia State Parks Facebook page, asking for help identifying the insect on the Lady Slipper - here.


  1. Beautiful picture Charlotte, of both the Pink Ladyslipper and the Dragonfly ! (Meg B.)

    1. Thanks, Meg! Pure luck. CH

  2. Looks like a Common Green Darner (Anax junius) according to the NWF Field Guide.... Rich from Pocahontas VMN Chapter

    1. You are right, Rich! It looks very much like that. Wikipedia says the Green Darner " well known for its great migration distance from the northern United States south into Texas and Mexico.[4] It also occurs in the Caribbean, Tahiti, and Asia from Japan to mainland China.[5] It is the official insect for the state of Washington in the United States." I can't help but wonder where this one came from and how it arrived in Boones Mill! CH


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