Saturday, June 21, 2014

Emergency Repairs Effected!

An email from Kathy Scott communicated some issues with 2 walk-in bird cages owned by Maureen Eiger.  In case you don’t know, Maureen was one of our instructors during our last Master Naturalist training class and she is also a certified Avian Rehabber.  She nurses injured or abandoned baby birds to health.  She is located in Roanoke and was in need of some help.

Both cages had some damage that could allow birds to get stuck in the wire caging material.  Based on Kathy’s email, I contacted Maureen and made arrangements to go take a look.  Jim Pilversack graciously agreed to accompany me since his carpentry skills far exceed my own.

When we got there, Maureen introduced us to “Woody”, a female Pileated woodpecker who had the misfortune to have an altercation with a car which resulted in a damaged wing.  Her wing had been bandaged but now was healed sufficiently to have the bandage removed from her wing.  She is now able to take short flights in her cage.

Maureen temporarily removed Woody from the cage while Jim and I effected the repairs.  Maureen was very appreciative of the emergency repairs.  She also asked if the Master Naturalists would like to take on the challenge of building her a complete new cage.  I promised to bring this subject up in our next meeting.

Additionally, Maureen has agreed to be our guest speaker at our July 17th meeting in Rocky Mount!  Hopefully we will have good attendance for the meeting so we can all learn more about the great work Maureen is doing.

 See some pix from our visit to Maureen below:

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