Monday, August 17, 2015

BRFAL Picnic Festivities

Yesterday at about 4:00 pm about 20 BRFALers, spouses and children convened at the Franklin County Recreation Park for our annual picnic.  Kathy Scott & my better half, Meg Brager organized the event and did a fine job. The pavilion was decorated with crepe paper and balloons and the table covered with table cloths and festooned with wildflowers.  Kathy brought various tree branches for an impromptu tree identification contest which was won by Todd Fredricksons son Neil shaming us old Master Naturalists.

But of course it wouldn't be a picnic without some good grub.  In addition to the provided hamburgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs, our members brought a variety of tasty side dishes.  I don't think anyone went home hungry.  I know I sure didn't. 

Even better than the food was the evident camaraderie shared by the likeminded folks that comprise the BRFAL chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists and their families.  I think you can see it in the faces In the pictures below.


Thanks for your comment and interest! NOW GO OUTSIDE!