Sunday, March 13, 2016

Meet our current master naturalists in training

Pictured are, left to right: Neil Fredericksen, Paul Pautler, Beth Pautler, Linda Atwell, Ellen Nuss, Donna Haarz, Peter Brinckerhoff, and Jean Frederick
Meet the current class taking the Virginia Master Naturalist training course. This enthusiastic bunch will soon become members of our Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes Chapter, and we are pleased with their progress. 

They have already completed the classroom instruction portion, and now have the field trips ahead to round out their training.  

So much information in such a short time, but they are all still smiling (a very good sign indeed!) 

We look forward to having them as active members in our chapter. 

Submitted by Kathy Scott, BRFAL President

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  1. Congratulations to all of the trainees! I hope you are enjoying the course so far. Thank you to all the BRFAL members who are helping to put it on.


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