Monday, August 22, 2016

First aid tips for the trail

On the evening of August 18 the BRFAL members were treated to a very informative and fun presentation about first aid when you are out in the boonies.  The presentation was given by Carolyn Wallace who is a professional first aid trainer.  Being prepared for accidents on the trail isn't always foremost on our minds when we are excitedly heading out for our next adventure but perhaps is should be.  A twisted ankle or deep cut can really put the damper on your day but without being prepared it could be life threatening.

Carolyn gave us numerous tips of things to bring along and how to use them.  None of these things were bulky or heavy and there is little excuse not to pack them.  One of the handiest items is the inimitable duct tape.  It can be used for bracing up a twisted ankle, making a splint, protecting a blister or refastening a sole of your shoe.  I'm sure you can think of many other things it could be used for as well.

Other handy items include a Sam splint(very lightweight, stiff but moldable material) for making a splint, zinc oxide for rubbing areas, a space blanket for to keep body heat in for unexpected overnight stays, a pocket saw (Coghlands), flashlight in case darkness sets in before you return, wound seal powder, rubber gloves and of course a variety of band aids.  A little training and preparation can go a long way.

Here is a picture of Warren Clark, Carolyn Wallace and Cathy Scott at the end of Carolyn's presentation.

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