Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is it a dog or a coyote footprint?

SCATS AND TRACKS OF THE MID-ATLANTIC, A Field Guide To The Signs Of 70 Wildlife Species by James C Halfpenny and Jim Bruchac

Great field guide for camping!
Is it a dog or a coyote? Isn't this the question every kid wants to know when they see tracks in the woods? Super illustrations in this book help to decipher what it is you are seeing. This is a great summer camp, or family camping trip field guide, or just pack up the family and go for a picnic in these mountains and see what tracks and scat you can find!

We recommend Virginia State Parks for day tripping, many have interpretive centers and ranger or master naturalist led learning activities so get outside and have fun!

SCATS AND TRACKS OF THE MID-ATLANTIC, A Field Guide to the Signs of 70 Wildlife Species. Halfpenny. This pocket-sized guide covers 70 species. Because this guide is regional, confusion with similar species is often avoided. Guide offers species-specific tracking tips, habitat cues and behavioral information plus detailed sketches of tracks and gait patterns along with measurements for common amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal species. Retail price $9.95

Part of what BRFAL Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalist is about is our focus on Education and Outreach. This is a continuation in our series on the BFRAL Blog sharing recommended educational tools to help you get your children outside, to let their natural inquisitiveness spawn learning!

The recommended website to order these materials online is, you can also request a full color catalog free of charge that is jam-packed with great stuff kids love!

BRFAL Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalist does not endorse any political viewpoint, these resources are being brought to you as learning resources only.

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