Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking for Butterflies, All Around Reston

“Citizen scientists are really important,” says Thompson-Deahl. “The more eyes that are looking, the more data you can collect.”  Butterfly Sedumphoto © 2010 Tony Alter | more info (via: Wylio)

Virginia Master Naturalists in The News
Looking for Butterflies, All Around Reston
Walker Nature Center's annual butterfly count draws seasoned naturalists and enthusiasts.
If you were looking at a Gray Hairstreak, a Fiery Skipper or a Painted Lady, you may not necessarily be looking at hair color, an angry ship’s captain or a woman of ill repute.

You may, in fact, be looking at butterflies — and that’s what you would have been doing if you attended the annual butterfly count at Reston Association's Walker Nature Education CenterSaturday morning.
Approximately 20 people met at the nature to be shuttled off to a variety of Reston locations to identify and count butterflies. The information they gather will be reported to the North American Butterfly Association as part of their Fourth of July Butterfly Count Report.
As always BRFAL Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalist wants you to get outside, explore and learn something new today. Get involved in something cool! Learn more about the Virginia Master Naturalist program here 

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