Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bigger Bugs

Rose River Farm in Virginia is an amazing outdoor paradise. 
Catch and release trout at Rose River Farm in VA (Photo by Rose River Farm)
When I was in my 40 hours of basic training last year to become a Virginia Master Naturalist, one of the most interesting field trips was about water quality, and Save Our Streams.  Testing the health of a stream by the number of sensitive bugs you find. Our Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes Chapter has many members in Save Our Streams, this part of Virginia being chock-full of mountains streams, rivers and lakes, you might even say it is a passion of our chapter!

Catching bugs in the Pigg River in Franklin County VA
During that field trip to The Pigg River, and in class we discussed one of the best sources to find out the current "Bug Life" without testing it is to ask a Fly Fisherman! So on that note here is a comment from Douglas Dear of Rose River Farm a premiere catch and release and overall amazing and beautiful place to visit in Virginia from Facebook today:

"Rose River Farm Release-- the bigger bugs are starting to come off now including quill Gordon's. Size 14-16 parachute Adams, orange caddis, black humpy, Mr. Rapidan, little black beetles and black ants are all producing. Black stone fly Drys in size 20-22 and Griffiths gnats are still producing when the stones are coming off. Streamers like golden retrievers and Rose River Specials are also producing. Zebra midge nymphs, San Juan worms, prince nymphs and copper John's are great nymph choices. Consider fishing dry dropper rigs. "

Visit Rose River Farm on Facebook here, and their website here.

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