Thursday, March 15, 2012

Duck Boxes Phase III complete!

Lauri Schular Nature Interpreter at Smith Mountain Lake State Park shares these words about the Wood Duck Box Project taken on by Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes Chapter Master Naturalists!
Dick LeRoy and Rich Brager Master Naturalists stand by the installed product
As reported earlier in 2012, the Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes Master Naturalist (BRFAL VMN) group has chosen to inventory, supply GPS info and repair or replace Wood Duck nest boxes as one of their service projects. Wood Ducks look for plenty of cover in the form of dense brush near the water’s edge of Smith Mountain Lake. Males are renowned for their “jewel tone” coloring and both genders sport the 1950’s “Duck Tail”.

Rich Brager, Dick LeRoy and Jim Pilversack of the BRFAL VMN headed to Smith Mountain Lake State Park for a third time to finish the Phase III installment of this project. The weather was perfect this March 7th day. They made quick work finding, removing the old and installing the new Wood Duck boxes with predator baffles. They’ve gotten really good at this since they’ve had so much practice recently!
So the next time you’re visiting Smith Mountain Lake State Park, be sure to keep a sharp eye out on the shoreline for this colorful yet shy member of the duck family.

For their hard work, Smith Mountain Lake State Park is pleased to have a total of nine new or refurbished Wood Duck nest boxes with predator baffles, GPS’d and mapped along its shorelines.

The staff of Smith Mountain Lake State Park wishes to thank the Friends of SmithMountain Lake State Park  for contributing the budget for building material, Rich Brager, Dick LeRoy and Jim Pilversack for building and installing the new boxes thereby completing this project.

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