Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Symbiosis: VMN & VMG

Symbiosis: The interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons or groups. 
By Rich Brager

Meg receiving certificate
2012 Graduating VMG's
And that’s what we have going on right here in Virginia right now.  VMN’s (Virginia Master Naturalists) and VMG’s (Virginia Master Gardeners) are working together to make Virginia a more natural and beautiful state.

My wife Meg Brager and I took training last year to become VMN’s.  Now Meg has continued her education and training to become a VMG and recently graduated.  She is joining several other VMN’s from the BRFAL (Blue Ridge, Foothills and Lakes) chapter becoming a VMG, including Kathy Scott, Lee and Jean Borgman and Dick Leroy.

I had the pleasure of attending the VMG graduation today, which also included a presentation on growing roses and a regular VMG business meeting.  It was easy to tell that the VMG’s were likeminded people to the VMN’s with a great dedication to community service and to nature.

  1.  If you are interested in the Virginia Master Naturalist program, please click virginiamasternaturalist
  2.  If you are interested in the Virginia Master Gardener program, please click  virginiamastergardener

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