Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BRFAL Involvement in SMLA Town Hall Meeting

In case you don’t know SMLA is an acronym for Smith Mountain Lake Association. The SMLA is an organization dedicated protecting the investment of SML residents.  So what does that have to do with our BRFAL chapter and the Virginia Master Naturalists? Well quite a bit actually. The SMLA sponsors several BRFAL activities.
BLAST (Buffer Landscaping) Display (Pictured left to right: Meg Brager, Dick Hendrix and Jim Pilversack)
BRFAL Display (Pictured left to right: Dick Hendrix and BRFAL Chapter President Dick LeRoy)
MWEE Display table (Pictured from left to right: Lee Borgman and Rich Brager)
So when the SMLA conducted their recent (March 5th) annual town hall meeting, BRFAL was well represented.  Several displays were manned by BRFAL members including our BRFAL Chapter display, the Buffer Landscaping display and the MWEEdisplay (Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience), see pictured.

And we should also be very proud that one of our own received the highest award by SMLA for her extraordinary work on the SOS (Save Our Streams) project as well as several other projects.  Congratulations are in order to De English who received the SMLA Melvin S. Johnson Citizen Volunteer Award for 2012.

As you can see, SMLA and BRFAL are joined at the hip.  If you are a BRFAL member but not a SMLA member, you should consider joining the SMLA since you be helping support two great organizations.  Please contact me if you would like an application.

  1. Visit the Buffer Landscaping website here for more information. BLAST - Buffer Landscape Advisory Service Team is willing to give assistance to help you get started! Click here.
  2. Learn more about MWEE (Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience) here.
  3. Learn more about SOS (Save our Streams) here.
  4. You can use the top tabs on our blog here to learn more about the Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists. Our next basic training will be Fall 2013!

Rich Brager

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