Monday, March 11, 2013

Did you know?

Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes is a very active group of Volunteer Citizen Scientists! Here are a few stats from our Annual Report 2012:

Projects with Sponsoring Agencies: The title and the number of service hours for the projects your chapter volunteers did with -
VA Cooperative Extension (including 4-H),
VA Department of Forestry,
VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries,
VA Department of Conservation and Recreation,
VA Department of Environmental Quality
VA Museum of Natural History.

  • Wood Duck Boxes - Smith Mtn. Lake St Park – DCR – 48 hrs
  • Tree Identification Tags – Smith Mtn. Lake St Park – DCR – 16.75 hrs
  • MN Conference Project – Fairystone St Park – DCR – 8.5 hrs
  • Earthday Project – Fairystone St Park – DCR – 63.5 hrs
  • Eastern Box Turtle Mapping – DGIF – 19hrs
  • Host at Discovery Center – Smith Mtn. Lake St Park – DCR – 20 hrs
  • MWEE Training – DEQ – 26.5 hrs

Education/Outreach: Education/Outreach projects are activities in which the volunteer educates the public. This includes interpretive programs at parks; presentations at fairs, booths, etc.; and educational presentations to identified audiences, such as garden clubs, school groups, homeowner associations, etc.

i. Number of volunteer hours towards Education/Outreach projects in 2012:  539.9
ii. Please list any 2012 outreach or service activities by VMN volunteers in your chapter that specifically reached underserved audiences (e.g. outreach to inner city youth, nature programs for non-native English speakers, programs for disabled individuals.)
iii. Total number of people reached in 2012 (e.g. total number of contacts):  578

Citizen Science:  Citizen science projects include service involving data collection, monitoring, biological inventories, and other research-oriented activities. Examples include bird censuses, Wildlife Mapping, and the Virginia Frog and Toad Calling Survey. The activities may be a part of statewide projects or projects specific to a local partner.
i. Number of volunteer hours towards Citizen Science projects in 2012:  1062.25
E. Stewardship.  Stewardship projects are hands-on activities intended to improve habitat and other natural resources, or, in some cases, to improve the ability of the public to access these resources. These activities may include exotic plant removal, habitat restoration, and trail building.
i. Number of volunteer hours towards Stewardship projects in 2012:  154
Administrative Service:  Administrative time includes efforts spent on chapter organization, volunteer development, training and other management roles. This may include: leading general membership meetings; planning and supervising VMN training classes; working on a chapter newsletter; internal communication efforts; and any other activities that maintain and support the effectiveness of the chapter and the statewide program.  Do not include travel time here; put travel time under “G.”
i. Total administrative hours for 2012 by your chapter members:  373.25

G. Travel Time.  Travel time includes time spent driving to and from volunteer service projects.  
i. Total Travel Time hours for 2012 by your chapter members:  182.15

Advanced Training: 
i. The number of Advanced Training hours obtained by your chapter volunteers throughout 2012: 373.25

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