Thursday, April 11, 2013

What a difference a year makes!

Dr Todd Fredericksen at Ferrum College in Virginia Shares some insight comparisons from last Spring to this one!
What a difference a year makes
Phenological observation dates from the Ferrum area
First Observation
Crocus flowering
Jan 27
Feb 10
Spring peepers calling
Feb 2
Mar 12
Daffodils flowering
Feb 12
Feb 26
Bradford pear flowering
Mar 11
Apr 2
Carpenter bees 
Mar 13
Apr 7
Redbud flowering
Mar 13
None yet
Appalachian tiger swallowtail
Mar 14
Mar 29

Shellie shares "I am sure you have noticed the trend as well. Last year Spring came early, this year she arrived a bit late! Below are photos of a few blooms in my yard last year on March 13th! These are only now starting to bud this year (Mid-April)"

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