Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blue Suck Falls.......What?

I didn't make it up 
That is really the name of the water falls in Douthat State Park. And since my wife Meg and I had never occasioned to visit Douthat before and it was one of the rare beautiful Spring days that Mother Nature has allotted us so far this year, we decided to take the approximate 1-1/2 hour drive to the Covington, VA area to visit Douthat.

That is where we discovered the uphill trail to the Blue Suck Falls shortly after enjoying our sandwiches at the lakeside of the small lake at Douthat.  Our hike to the falls was about 1.5 miles and medium strenuous for us old timers. The falls are not huge but beautiful nevertheless. And this was just one small hike for mankind out of 43 miles of trails at Douthat.  For more information about our hike follow the link:

Here are a couple of pix below.

Virginia State Parks is one of the sponsoring agencies for the Virginia Master Naturalist Program. 

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