Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Bee's Knees

Congratulations to one of our own.  Kathy Scott got interested in bee keeping about 2 years ago after a great presentation by Franklin County expert bee keeper Ron Hanawalt made a presentation to the BRFAL chapter.

 Kathy, in her usual manner, took her new found hobby to heart and has become very knowledgeable about bee keeping in her own right.  She keeps 2 bee boxes on her property within a bear proof electric fence.

 Armed with her new found knowledge and always willing to share, Kathy agreed to give a bee keeping presentation at the Westlake Library on March 12, which turned out to be very well attended (about 30 people).  Kathy schlepped a large quantity of bee keeping equipment to the presentation for show and tell.  Many questions were asked (and answered!).

 The pictures below give a little view into the presentation.  If you missed this one and you have an interest in bees, try to make Kathy’s next presentation.  You will find it interesting and entertaining.  We are very proud to have Kathy as a member of the BRFAL chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists. 

Rich Brager

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