Friday, May 6, 2016


                    At our recent Graduation/Picnic, besides awarding the training class with their Graduation Diplomas, there were a couple members of our BRFAL chapter who worked hard to earn their Master Naturalist Certification,  18 members who have been Recertified, and 5 members who earned Volunteer Hours Milestone pins. I wanted to recognize their achievements and say “WELL DONE!”

Graduates of the 2016 Training Class: Linda Atwell, Peter Brinckerhoff, Jean Frederick, Neil Fredericksen, Donna Haarz, Ellen Nuss, Beth Pautler, Paul Pautler.

Certified: Marlene Groth, Geoff Orth(just graduated in 2015!)

Recertified: Jean Borgman, Lee Borgman, Meg Brager, Rich Brager, Guy Buford, Dick Donnelly, Diane Donnelly, Dick Hendrix, Connie Hylton, Don Kelso, Dick LeRoy, Denise Pilversack, Jim Pilversack, Kathy Scott, Glenn Siemon, Rick Watson, Bonnie Zinck, Jim Zinck

250 Hour Milestone: Jim Zinck

Image result for Images congratulation500 Hour Milestone: Rich Brager, Denise Pilversack, Bonnie Zinck

1000 Hour Milestone: Jean Borgman

                                                                              Submitted by: Kathy Scott, BRFAL President





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