Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ellen Nuss Shares Bluebird Pictures

     Ellen Nuss has been having fun monitoring the bluebird nest boxes at Booker T Washington National Monument. 

     These show the progression of how the bluebirds eggs are laid and hatched. The little ones stay in the nest until they are about 18 to 22 days old, then they fledge and fly away.  A new nest is built by the parents in preparation for a new brood.

     Ellen was asked by an elementary school to look at their bluebird houses and found chickadee hatchlings in 2 of them.  The bluebirds build their nest from pine needles and the chickadees use softer materials such as moss.


Displaying bluebird eggs.jpg
                                             Displaying bluebird eggs.jpgDisplaying bluebird eggs.jpg



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